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  • Emergency Ready
  • Keep Your Business Running
  • How Much are Your Food and Medicine Worth
  • Keep in Touch with Family

Emergency Energy Products

Emergency Energy Products has created a reserve power unit that is unlike any before. It’s a battery based energy system for use when your power goes out and you need it the most. It is easy to connect - it can be up and running as quickly as you can connect an extension cord. Or if it is wired into your home, apartment or office it can operate automatically. No need to hope the generator works - no pulling the starter cord or wondering if the fuel has turned to sludge. The PowerReserve product is ready for your emergency.
Power for Your Heating System
Power for Your TV, Internet and Lights
Power for Your Refrigerator
Power for Office, Printers, and Telephones
If You Heat with Gas or Oil and Need the Blower to Operate
Have an Important Party About to Occur?
Keep Food and Medicine Cold
Don’t Take a Chance on Missing Business