Getting Emergency Backup Power

How The System Works

Getting emergency backup power doesn’t have to be difficult. We want you to understand how simple our system is. There’s a detailed description of how the technology works below, but here’s the short form: Use an extension cord to plug the inverter/charger into a wall outlet. Then plug your appliance into the inverter/charger. Now you’re up and running!

If there is power at the wall outlet, the power is transferred to the appliance and the battery system is automatically being charged. If there is no power at the outlet – then the inverter takes over and provides battery power at 115VAC – just like the outlet. All automatically!

This means you setup the Energyback System one time and its ready to use the instant you experience power loss. Use to power your refrigerator, home medical devices, computers, cell phones and much more. Perfect for condos and apartments where generators are out of the question.

emergency energy generator

[1] How it Works

[2] All About the Batteries

[3] Custom Systems

[4] Owner’s Manual

[5] Manual for Inverter/Charger

[6] Emergency Backup Power Run Times

[7] Warranty

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